Yahoo Finance: Israel’s Mileutis appoints three world-class experts for its Scientific Advisory Board

Three new appointments bring a wealth of experience as the organization continues its commitment to revolutionizing biopharmaceuticals to improve global animal health

Mileutis, an Israeli-based biopharmaceutical company revolutionizing how farmers and veterinarians treat a range of diseases, today announced that it has appointed three world-class experts to its Scientific Advisory Board of Directors, which is presided by Jose Iscovich.

The new appointments are Dr. William Baker, Vaughn Kubiak, and Dr. Jean-Paul Prieels. The experts are joining Mileutis as it is preparing for large scale commercialization of its leading products Imilac™ a residue-free intramammary solution for use in the management, treatment, and prevention of bovine mastitis at dry-off. Baker, Kubiak, and Prieels are joining the existing members in the Scientific Advisory Board – Thomas D. Overbay and Kobi Lustgarten.

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