Scientific Advisory Board
Kobi Lustgarten

Jacob (Kobi) Lustgarten

Jacob (Kobi) Lustgarten has over 30 years of experience holding different positions at Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., including Export Economist & Logistics, CEO of Teva’s subsidiary in Nigeria—involving relocation with his family, and head of the Animal Health Division (ABIC) of Teva. He led ABIC to continuous growth and became an international player in the veterinary vaccine market. During that time, he developed deep knowledge of the industry and many contacts, in both human and veterinary medicine, in the emerging countries.

Kobi founded L.KOBIC Animal Health Ltd. in 2011. The company has broad network connections worldwide and is engaged in consultancy and bonding export opportunities for veterinary products, medical devices and agricultural projects. L.KOBIC is focused on delivering advanced solutions by providing comprehensive, value-added innovative products, personal and professional services, and market analyses. These services are provided mainly to China, as well as India, Thailand, Taiwan and Indonesia in Asia, Africa (RSA) and Israel.

In 2016, Kobi invested in Mileutis and joined its Advisory Board. Since then, he has accompanied the company’s growth to its current position.

Kobi received his BA in Economics and an MBA in Business Administration from Tel Aviv University. He has served as the Chairman of the Animal Health Division of the Manufacturers Association of Israel (MAI) and has represented the Israeli veterinary industry at the International Federation for Animal Health Association in Brussels.