Jerusalem Post: Israeli development to change how we consume dairy products

Mileutis has developed a biological preparation for the treatment of inflammation, with the goal of removing antibiotics from dairy products.


Antibiotic-resistant bacteria are one of the greatest health risks facing humanity because they keep multiplying, and antibiotics lose their effectiveness as their use increases.

The Israeli biopharmaceutical company Mileutis based in Ness Ziona is currently considered one of the global pioneers in this field. The company developed a biological preparation designed to treat the most serious health problem of dairy cows – udder infections. 

Mileutis CEO David Javier Iscovich founded the company jointly with his father, Dr. Jose Iskovich, an expert epidemiologist, based on the initial technology of the Volcani Institute, the father’s research and the expertise of both. 

The company emphasizes that the Agriculture Ministry is now examining the possibility of approving the use of Imilac in dairy barns in Israel. When approval is received, the path will be opened to remove antibiotics from dairy products consumed by Israeli citizens.

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(photo credit: MICHAEL GILADI/FLASH90)