We dedicate ourselves to humanity’s quest

for healthier lives through innovation in the development of safe and residual-free therapies for animal health


Mileutis’ technology uses natural peptides that have an excellent safety profile

and broad therapeutic applicability. These peptides act through an immune-modulatory effect that enables the management of infectious and chronic diseases without the use of antibiotics. Reducing the use of antibiotics in animal and human healthcare will help reduce the global threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) which is generated by, among other things, the overuse of antibiotics.

Mileutis' leading products include antibiotic-free and hormone-free biopharmaceuticals: Imilac™ and Milac™

administered at the beginning of the dry-off period (Imilac™) and during lactation (Milac™). These products will revolutionize the way in which veterinarians treat a wide range of diseases, including clinical and subclinical mastitis. They will replace antibiotics on dairy farms, and provide additional and significant economic value to farmers by increasing milk yield and profitability while improving the cows’ well-being. Additional products using Mileutis’ residue-free immunomodulatory platform with casein-derived peptides are under development.


Mileutis’ 15,000 sq. ft. headquarters is located at the Weizmann Science Park

in Ness-Ziona, near the Weizmann Institute of Science. Our headquarters include: manufacturing clean rooms and state-of-the-art R&D laboratories, utility rooms, storage facilities and management offices.

Mileutis’ scientific and management teams have vast experience in biopharmaceutical R&D, animal health, drug development,

clinical trials, and in marketing animal and human healthcare products. Mileutis is a knowledge-based, highly specialized and focused company with extensive experience and capabilities in the fields of novel biologics and veterinary sciences.

Final regulatory and launch preparation for the first line of products in 2024

Due to the vast impact of its technology on animals, consumers and veterinarians, Mileutis is pursuing global registration of its leading products.
Intellectual Property

Mileutis’ patent portfolio includes 54 granted patents worldwide.

Mileutis considers patents and its overall intellectual property to be a cornerstone of its business strategy and invests considerable resources in developing and maintaining its intellectual property. It is Mileutis’ policy to respect the intellectual property rights of others.
Market Potential

There are more than 275 million dairy cows in the world,

with more than 80 million of them located in intensive high-yielding farms. There is a strong demand for Mileutis’ antibiotic-free, safe and effective products that will benefit farmers, animals, consumers, veterinarians and animal healthcare providers.
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