Our Company

At Mileutis, we focus on discovery, development and commercialization of novel and biologically sourced,

safe and residue free therapies for animal health.

Mileutis developed a line of biopharmaceuticals that is revolutionizing

the way veterinarians treat a wide range of diseases. Mileutis’ first leading products are comprised of peptides and specific protein fragments that have a positive impact on body functions or conditions that influence health. Such peptides and specific proteins act through an immune-modulatory effect, therefore enabling the management of infectious and chronic diseases. Mileutis’ technology furhter reduced antibiotic use in animal health management.

Mileutis has been able to achieve such ambitious goal by investing in its core capabilities

which comprise mainly of its unique research team, and by building a unique R&D infrastracture located in the vicinity of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot and which includes: manufacturing and state of the art R&D facilities, cutting edge laboratories, clean rooms, utility rooms, storage facilities and management offices.

Mileutis Company Building
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