We dedicate ourselves to humanity’s quest

for healthier lives through innovation in the development of safe and residual free therapies for animal health

  1. Mileutis’ technology comprises of natural peptides with excellent safety profile

    and broad therapeutic applicability.

    Such peptides act through an immune-modulatory effect enabling the management of infectious and chronic diseases, significantly reducing antibiotic use in animal health management.

  2. Mileutis leading products comprises of a line of biopharmaceuticals administrated at the beginning of the Dry-Off period (Imilac™) and during lactation (Milac™)

    that is revolutionizing the way veterinarians treat a wide range of diseases including clinical and subclinical mastitis, while increasing the cow’s welfare . The company’s products benefit veterinary dairy management by increasing yield and productivity and by reducing antibiotic residue. 

  3. Mileutis 11,000 sq. ft. headquarters are located at the Weizmann Science Park in Ness-Ziona in the vicinity of the Weizmann Institute of Science

    in Rehovot and include: manufacturing and state of the art R&D facilities, cutting edge laboratories, clean rooms, utility rooms, storage facilities and management offices.

  4. Mileutis R&D team has over 375 years of combined R&D, animal health, drug development, clinical and marketing experience in the animal health arena between its members.

    Mileutis is a knowledge based, specialized company with important core capabilities in the fields of novel biologics and veterinary sciences, with a worldwide professional network of collaborators selected for their excellence.

  5. The company is at the final regulatory track and preparation towards launch of its first line of products in a selected market during 2020.

    Due to the vast impact of Mileutis’ technology to animals, consumers and veterinarians, Mileutis is pursuing global registration of its leading products.

  6. Total patent portfolio includes, 52 granted patents and 10 pending patent applications worldwide.

    Mileutis considers patents and its intellectual property overall to be an essential and important cornerstone of its business strategy and invests considerable resources to procure and maintain its intellectual property.

    Mileutis’ policy is also to respect the intellectual property rights of others.

  7. With more than 275 million dairy cows in the world of them above 63 million located in leading industrialized countries,

    Mileutis’ leading products are reaching the market upon a strong demand for a safe and efficacious products for that will benefit animals, consumers and animal health providers.

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